PS5 : Nintendo unveils Splatoon 3 for Switch in the Direct with a trailer and date for 2022

Sony Playstation 5 :

Nintendo has announced Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch with a release date for 2022. The third installment of colorful shooting game of the Japanese company has been presented by surprise in the Nintendo Direct issued on the night of Wednesday February 17, being the first traditional Direct published since September 2019.

The trailer they have presented at the event anticipates a considerable change of scenery compared to what was seen in the first installment of Wii U and in the sequel to Switch: the first thing the player sees is not a square full of clothing stores and cutting-edge technology, but a desert where to customize your inkling and his pet companion.

Splatoon 3 release date

After an arid tram ride through dunes that present a civilization rolled over by sand, the trailer takes us to a square similar to the one we met in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Little else is seen of those first bars of the game, but they do not take long to show us some scenes of the traditional action.

New weapons, gadgets and clothes

The goal, of course, remains paint a larger area of ​​the map with our team’s color than the opposite, but for this there will be a greater variety of weapons, some novel gadgets (you see a robot grenade with legs), and of course, many cosmetic objects that were not in the previous games. Also, it seems that this time the players they fire with some cannons towards the battlefield instead of appearing directly ah.

Splatoon 3

The same Shinya Takahashi from Nintendo who has served as Master of Ceremonies during the Nintendo Direct has made it clear that the game is still in development and that they will give more details about it soon. To know the rest of the news presented in the broadcast you can take a look at our event label.