PS5 : Know by Heart, the exciting new title from the creators of Pathologic

Sony Playstation 5 :

Know by Heart is the name that gives title to the narrative adventure presented by the study Ice-Pick Lodge, parents of games like Pathologic or Knock-Knock. This time, we come across a very human and exciting story in which a group of old friends meet again after many years without seeing each other. The problem? A threat beyond your control ruin this precious moment. The title prepares to debut on PC via Steam this same 2021, and we have already known his first trailer:

Know by Heart, the new work of Ice-Pick Lodge

The story of Know by heart is starring Misha, a boy whose boring life is turned upside down when the boy he liked at school returns to town, and the old gang reunites. “It is up to them to travel the paths of memory and rekindle their friendship.but their memories of the past and the very ties between them will be threatened, “says Ice-Pick.” Players will immerse themselves in the quiet life of a Russian city, where they still you can see and hear the traces and echoes of the Soviet era“.

The game lasts for 5 hours approximately, as reported by the study on its Steam page. “For the first time in years, Misha regains hope of escaping the tedium of her daily life. A brief but tumultuous episode in city life is intertwined with the tale of a gang of childhood friends who They get back together“.

Know by Heart, the new game from the creators of Pathologic

A group of friends gets together and he will have to face a threat

In this way, players can wait in Know by Heart an exciting story, with nonlinear elements leading to several different endings. In turn, the game mechanics represent the thoughts and memories of our protagonist, and we assume that through them we will get to know all the ins and outs of this city and its group of friends. To all this we must add a piano soundtrack and a collection of mini-games.

Know by Heart aims to be available between April and June of this year, but still there is no specific release date. We remind you that it will be available on PC through Steam. He style, atmosphere and tone is very different of previous games from the studio, so we’re looking forward to learning more about this title. On the other hand, the development team recently welcomed Pathologic 2, which can be enjoyed on both PC and PS4 and Xbox One.