PS5 : Kate Bishop arrives at Marvel’s Avengers on December 8 and Hawkeye is added in 2021

Sony Playstation 5 :

Square enix has announced that the superhero Kate bishop joins the avengers next December 8 with a free campaign for Marvel’s Avengers. Operation Kate Bishop: Taking AIM is the official name of this free content that add the character, story, a villain (the Superadaptoid) and other news.

Kate Bishop’s story will start shortly after where was the Reunos campaign of the base game. The events that give rise to the new plot began weeks ago with the Tachyon missions that appeared at the War Table. In Taking AIM players will control Bishop, who sees how his mentor Clint Barton (Hawkeye) disappears while investigating the disappearance of Nick Fury as well.

That incident will lead Bishop to investigate the Tachyon Rifts that are altering time already uncover a new evil IMA plan, so he must collaborate with the Avengers to stop the corporation. However, this story is the first half of the Hawkeye story arc. Early 2021 will join Clint Barton to the campus to stop IMA.

The following characters are rumored to be Black Panther and War Machine

In the video inserted on this paragraph you can see the developers of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal delving into Kate Bishop. Also, at the end of the news you can see a gallery of new official images of this free additional content, which will not be the last. Square Enix plans to expand the title with new characters and stories, and the pools are already playing Black Panther and War Machine.

Marvel’s Avengers is available at PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The title is backward compatible with the new consoles, Xbox Series X / S and PS5, but the version optimized for these systems was delayed until 2021. Although millions of units have been sold worldwide, Square Enix is ​​not happy with the economic results. of its multimillion dollar production.