PS5 : Joaquin Phoenix could star in the next Midsommar director

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Joaquin Phoenix could be Ari Aster’s new big signing, Midsommar, for his next movie.

If there is a director who handles with great ease the descent to the locura of the protagonists of his film, that is Ari Aster. And if there is an actor who better stages the descent into hell of his characters, that is Joaquin Phoenix.

So it was a matter of time before these two got together to make a movie, and maybe it will come true very soon since, as published exclusively by the Discussing Films portal, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​in talks to star in Ari Aster’s new film which you have titled Beau is Afraid. A union that for the executives who work with Aster is practically done since they expect Phoenix to say yes.

However, the actor’s doubts may correspond to his problems to balance agendas, because after the success of the Joker, Phoenix signed to star in Ridley Scott’s new movie, with whom he already worked on Gladiator, Kitbag, which will bring to the big screen the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French general whose wish was to take control of Europe.

Do you like scary movies? Well be prepared, these scary movies are so scary that we advise you that you should never watch them alone.

After Midsommar and Hereditary, Aster intends to move us to an alternative present in which he lives Beau, an anxious man who lives traumatized by his relationship with his despotic mother. When he learns of the death of his mother under strange circumstances, he decides to return home, where he will find an alarming secret from his past. During his journey to discover the truth, Beau will come across various supernatural threats.