PS5 : Japanese Rising Sun Flag Removed from Street Fighter 2 at Capcom Arcade Stadium

Sony Playstation 5 :

Capcom has launched this week on Switch (at a price of 27.99 euros in Spain) a compilation with its best classic games: it is called Capcom Arcade Stadium and among all the retro titles that we can find in it, it is, how could it be? another form, Street Fighter II. All the works included have undergone an adaptation process that add certain modern features and alter some graphic details without affecting the original proposal.

For example, the players of Capcom Arcade Stadium They have realized that in one of the Street Fighter II scenarios there is something different from the original: it is a Japanese flag with the Rising Sun, a symbol that appeared at the bottom of the E. Honda level and that now in this relaunch has been removed so as not to hurt sensibilities. You can see the comparison under these lines.

Street Fighter 2 with and without the Japanese Rising Sun flag.

The flag of the Rising Sun was for a long time the official flag of the country., but after the Second World War it was changed to the current one and the design with came to be considered in Japan as a militaristic symbol and currently related to the extreme right Japanese. Specifically, Chinese, South Korean and North Korean citizens feel annoyed with the flag of the Rising Sun for having been the one carried by the army during its imperial conquests. Today it is the flag used by the Japanese army, even if the official is the one with only a red circle in the center of a white rectangle.

Capcom Arcade Stadium, a celebration of the company’s classics

After being announced in December last year, Capcom Arcade Stadium has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch with the intention of celebrating the great classics with which the company filled arcades from 1984 to 2001. There are a couple of free games – 1943: The Battle of Midway, while Ghosts’ n Goblins as a separate download – and the rest can be purchased in three packs of 10 games or with a version that includes all 32.

Soon, although without a specific date, this special compilation also reach PS4, Xbox One and PC.