PS5 : Is this the clumsiest goalkeeper in FIFA 21 history? What a strange goal …

Sony Playstation 5 :

FIFA 21 is one of the best football games today, capable of making us feel, for many moments, that we are playing a real football game, spinning big plays, cutting passes like authentic defensive midfielders or scoring goals with the skill of Messio or Mbapp.

However, the EA Sports simulator is not free of errors and it also lets us see surreal plays like this one, which lets us see the clumsiest goalkeeper in FIFA 21 giving away the ball to the contrary to end up conceding a goal that, at best, is absurd .

I love this game from r / Fifa21

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FIFA 21 Cover

FIFA 21 is the new installment of the football simulator from EA Sports, one of the most influential sports games in the world. Intended for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch, it delivers graphically enhanced and advanced gameplay, such as smarter player positioning, both in defense and attack, or an updated one-on-one matchup system. with dedicated dribbles. This delivery also includes improvements in the races without the ball; We will be able to manage the players just when we have finished passing the ball in order to position them in a place that suits us for the global play. In addition to this, FIFA 21 bring with it an improved collision system.