PS5 : If you already have your PS5, the official Pulse 3D headphones should be your next purchase: they are on sale for € 99

Sony Playstation 5 :

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With the PS5 already on sale, now the race to get all the essential accessories begins. And since it is a video game console that offers the latest in video games, it makes sense to purchase accessories with which to have the best possible gaming experience. And that does not happen only by having a good screen or a quality control, but also by getting the best possible audio. In fact, when it comes to playing, audio plays a key role. If you are looking for quality headphones, with which To be able to take advantage of the 3D audio technology that incorporates the PlayStation 5, the Sony Pulse 3D are a great option.

These headphones are the official Sony for the game console. They are characterized by being wireless, so we can play without adding cables. Although we can connect a jack to the remote, it is clear that the idea of ​​continuing to dispense with cables is ideal. But also, with their 3D audio, they are one of the best options to have this new sound system, and at a price that is actually affordable compared to other high-end headphones, as we can find them right now for 99 euros in Think about it, and that’s taking into account that they are official headphones, which usually means that they are high-end.

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It is a headset with a helmet-like design, although its appearance is clearly inspired by that of the Playstation 5, and features the Sony gaming brand logo. They are perfect for playing, completely isolating ourselves from the outside.

Of course, they are designed to offer total audio quality when playing online, and for this they incorporate two included noise-canceling voice pickup microphones, so our friends will listen to us perfectly. And all this without adding an extension for the microphone, which makes the design of the headphones much more elegant.

its great feature is 3D audio, which is the jump that occurs on the PS5. The games designed with this audio system offer us an immersive experience, where we will have multiple audio sources, and we can feel that we are in the center of any place.

The Wireless connectivity is via USB dongle that it connects to the PS5, and that makes it possible to do without other technologies that sometimes suffer from interference.

By 99 euros we will hardly find headphones right now that offer us support for 3D audio technology, and that they have this sound quality. In addition, they are an official accessory, and have been calibrated to offer maximum performance with your brand new PS5.

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