PS5 : Ibai wins the award for the best streamer in the world in 2020 given by Esports Awards

Sony Playstation 5 :

2020 has been, without a doubt, the year of Ibai Llanos, the well-known content creator from the Basque Country that triumphs both in Spain and throughout Latin America, whether playing Among Us, League of Legends or any game that comes to mind or narrating electronic or traditional sports.

Ibai’s last landmark is the become the best streamer in the world in 2020, an award that has been awarded Esports Awards, a gala focused mainly on figures and games related to electronic sports that has acquired considerable importance in recent years.

In fact, Ibai himself followed the entire gala live in his streaming, reacting full of joy and joy when he found out that he had won this award to which other streamers chose tremendously important internationally as DrLupo, Pokimane, Summit1g or Tinthetatman:

Ibai, the most important content creation figure of 2020

Ibai announced at the beginning of this strange year 2020 his plan to become a full-time content creator, signing for G2 Esports to start his new project that began with a big door with a solidarity tournament of FIFA 20 in which numerous personalities from the world participated. football world.

That alone was the beginning of a truly record-breaking upward trajectory, with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching the streamer as he played, for example, Among Us with Neymar, Courtois or Kun “Agero” or while he was somewhat disastrously reviewing his knowledge of the Pokémon. In fact, his popularity has led him not only to win this award but also to be the third highest paid streamer in the world.