PS5 : I-Not the last character on the Guilty Gear: Strive base roster

Sony Playstation 5 :

Arc System Works has announced that I-No, one of the most iconic and popular fighters in the Guilty Gear saga, will also be playable in Guilty Gear: Strive when it launches in Spain next year. April 9 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

I-Don’t go back to action

To celebrate, the company has distributed a new trailer where they show us how this character spends them on the battlefield, thus allowing us to take a look at his repertoire of hits and how fearsome the guitar he wields can be. As an additional detail, I-No is the fighter with which the template that will have the base game is closed, which makes a total of 15 starting fighters.

This weekend an open beta is being held for all players And although the initial plan was that it only lasted until February 21, The developer has decided to finally extend it until 4:00 a.m. on February 23, a decision that they have made because of the problems that the servers suffered during their first day.

The new Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear: Strive ser the new installment of this popular saga of one-on-one fighting games, assuming a new starting point for the series that will continue the story after the events that took place in the Guilty Gear Xrd titles. Bringing with it important changes in its game mechanics to make it more accessible to new players, although without sacrificing the depth for which the series has always been characterized.

In Vandal we recently published some impressions in which we affirm that “is called to be one of the great fighting games of this and the coming years“, in addition to applauding the spectacular performance of their new network code.