PS5 : How to farm souls in Demon’s Souls for PS5: best methods and places to get more souls

Sony Playstation 5 :

Demon’s Souls brings us the classic From Software action RPG formula again and that means that we will have to farm souls so as not to have a hard time in the Kingdom of Boletaria.

Demon’s Souls hides many secrets on PS5, but what nobody lets pass is the need to level up to continue progressing or to acquire more material and equipment as we overcome Archstones and bosses.

For all of it we need souls, the currency of Demon’s Souls, and of course, these can be obtained to a greater or lesser extent. To get many souls at once and thus be able to invest them we will resort to a good farming and here we tell you what is the best way to do it.

How to farm souls in Demon’s Souls for PS5: best methods and places to get more souls

First of all, remember that to farm more souls it is recommended count on the trend of the Pure Black world, although yes, the enemies will be stronger. Once we know this, the best place to obtain souls quickly and efficiently is in the world 4-3. We will have to defeat the King of the Storm to get the powerful Sovereign of the Storm.

In this area you can easily get souls and in a single race you will get up to 20,000 souls. However, there is a problem and that is that this process requires some time, since the Altar of Storms is not a place for the newcomers and it will require patience and a powerful character. The Storm Beasts will provide you with 1,200 souls.

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Another excellent area for farming is at the Altar of Storms, in the 4-2, after defeating the Adjudicator. To defeat this boss you can get on the highest floor and shoot arrows at him. Once you’re done, the enemies in this area will grant up to 4,000 souls, so now you know. Give wax and polish wax.

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