PS5 : Genshin Impact: get free Protogems and other rewards in this new event

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Genshin Impact today announced the start of a new special event that will take place not within the game itself, but through a website on the Internet. This event receives the title of Wishes for a great flashlight and thanks to it the players will be able to get various rewards among which are random amounts of free Protogems, one of the most valuable coins of the title. Next in this news we show you the dates, characteristics and most important details so that you know how to participate in the event.

Wishes for a Great Lantern event: date, times and requirements to participate

According to legend, the celestial lanterns will transmit the wishes of the people to the Adeptus.

The first thing you have to know if you are interested in participating in this new Genshin Impact event is the hours and dates chosen for the same. I will have a duration of a few days and there will be several different parts, they are the following:

Flashlight release: from February 19 (from 1:00 p.m.) to February 25, 2021 (until 11:59 p.m.) (UTC +8).Calculation of results: from February 26 (from 0:00 a.m.) to February 26, 2021 (until 7:59 p.m.) (UTC +8).Claiming rewards: from February 26 (from 8:00 p.m.) to March 4, 2021 (until 11:59 p.m.) (UTC +8).

Also keep in mind that to participate in the event you must have reached Adventure Rank 10 or higher in your in-game account. If so, then you can enter the official website of the event to login and participate. miHoYo warns that PlayStation players They can open the email of the event by entering the “Mail” section in the Paimon menu and clicking on the link portal to participate. They recommend not deleting the mail.

What is the event and how to light celestial lanterns?

Wishes for a Great Lantern Web Event - C

In the Wishes for a Great Lantern event, through the official website, will release up to five types of celestial lanterns different.

Each time a flashlight is released, users will be able to turn on a sky flashlight. get to light a total of 5 types different flashlights to be able to participate in the final Protogems sharing grand prize. every time a flashlight is released You get a Celestial Lantern, but the types of Celestial Lantern achieved can be repeated.

Protogemas Grand Prize and Rewards

All users who participate in the Wishes for a Great Lantern web event will be able to reach get various rewards. Among them are some surprise boxes containing both sophisticated and simple gifts. Inside the surprise boxes there are Blackberries and other little ones random rewards, and every time you unleash a sky lantern, you get one of these surprise boxes in return.

Although the really important reward of the event is the Protogemas Grand Prize. During the rewards claim period, travelers they lit the five types of lanterns Celestial may collect a number of Protogems that they randomly receive from the Protogems Grand Prize.

We remind you that you can visit our complete guide to know the best tips and tricks from the miHoYo game. Genshin Impact is a JRPG and free to play role available in PC, PS4, PS5, and Android and iOS mobiles (coming soon to Switch). If you want to know more about him, do not hesitate to read our analysis.