PS5 : GeForce Now comes to iPhone through iOS Safari; in the future you will be able to play Fortnie

Sony Playstation 5 :

NVIDIA keep taking steps with GeForce Now to establish itself as one of the main gaming platforms goes streaming allowing us to play our titles already acquired from PC from anywhere in Spain as long as we have a fairly stable internet connection.

Today, without going any further, the green brand has announced launching GeForce Now on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) via Safari, the web browser used by these devices, allowing the players of this platform to play the more than 650 games compatible with the GeForce Now library (remember that you need to have them purchased in your favorite store, be it Steam, Epic …).

In addition NVIDIA has also announced thate GeForce Now will soon support GOG, one of the most important digital stores for PC gamers that is owned by CD Projekt, the subsidiary of the development studio CD Projekt RED responsible for bringing Cyberpunk 2077 to life.

Some of the games available on GeForce Now

How to use GeForce Now on iOS

To use GeForce Now on iOS devices, you have to follow a few very simple steps:

Also, to use GeForce Now you will need to have an operating system iOS 14.2 or iPadOS 14.2 or higher. As for subscriptions, remember that the service can be used completely free of charge as well as through a Founders membership that costs 5.49 euros per month or 27.45 euros for 6 months.

Fortnite is on the way for iOS

Another important detail that NVIDIA announced today is that at this time Fortnite is not available on GeForce Now for iOS but will be for the next few months as the green brand is working with Epic Games to release a touch version of Fortnite. “Although the GeForce NOW library is intended to be played on mobile with a controller, more than 100 million gamers have preferred to use touch controls in Fortnite. Epic Games and NVIDIA strive to deliver the best Fortnite experience from the cloud Members of GeForce NOW will soon be able to find the game in iOS Safari “, comment from NVIDIA.