PS5 : Final Fantasy 7 receives HD graphics thanks to a mod created with artificial intelligence

Sony Playstation 5 :

Final Fantasy VII remains one of the video games most loved by the community and more appreciated by fans of the Square Enix saga, so much so that we often see new creations of players that give a new touch to the original, like this mod that makes the models more similar to the art of Tetsuya Nomura. The last creation for this title is one that improves its graphic quality through a peculiar technique: artificial intelligence.

The modder Satsuki Yatoshi has released a mod that makes Final Fantasy VII look on PC with high definition graphics. The author of this improvement has achieved this thanks to the use of deep learning techniques that give the game a much more defined finish, both in its famous pre-rendered backgrounds and in the scenarios where the battles are fought, the game map, the effects of the spells, the minigames and the menus. Below you can see a video demonstrating how graphics have improved thanks to artificial intelligence.

Graphics in high definition but respectful of the original style

Although the result is quite impressive, those responsible for this mod assure that they could have gone further in defining the graphics but have decided to stop at a point where they are respectful of the original: “The main objective of the mod is get as much detail as possible without being over-focused or overly clean, in addition to keeping the rendering as natural as possible and in a quality consistent with the rest of the game “, they explain in the description of the mod.

Final Fantasy 7 mod: gr

Those who wish to play Final Fantasy VII with the HD graphics only need to have the game purchased on PC via Steam and download the mod from this link.