PS5 : Dragon Ball – A mythical character reappears in the new chapter of the series

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When fans of Dragon ball They believed that they were not going to enjoy any more surprises this 2020, the new chapter of the series arrives and turns everything upside down, delighting fans of the work, exciting them like never before and unleashing a great furor in the fandom. Yes, the adventures of They are Goku they don’t stop flying, always up! Of course, pay close attention to what we are going to tell you, as it houses a great spoiler.

As many of you will know, yesterday the new chapter of Dragon ball super, the manga work of Akira Toriyama Y Toyotaro. You have the delivery, totally free and legal, in Manga Plus, the Shueisha application to consume manga.

This chapter 66 had a very special halo, not in vain it was the supposed end of the saga of Moor, and indeed, it seems that we witness the denouement of this enemy, one of the most terrible monsters we have seen in the 36 years of life of the franchise.

What nobody could expect (but nobody really eh, not a single theory about this matter), was that the key moment for the outcome of the saga and Moro’s defeat was starring …Uub! Yes, as you are reading, thanks to his divine energy Son Goku is able to destroy the planet eater. Just below we leave you the image of the moment, one of the most shocking scenes of the chapter in particular and of the series in general. If it hadn’t been for Vegeta and Uub’s energy, Moro would have gotten away with it!

The fact that Uub harbors divine energy inside it opens up a whole range of possibilities for the future of the series and the possible continuation of Akira Toriyama’s original manga, now making all the sense in the world that Goku wanted to train the little boy. It is impressive what Dragon Ball Super is achieving with its extensions and clarifications of the lore.

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What did you think of this moment? Do you want to know what will happen in the next chapter and the imminent new saga of the series? Kai, Kai!