PS5 : DOOM Eternal joins Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3 with new content

Sony Playstation 5 :

Xbox announced today through its official website that DOOM Eternal join the Xbox Game Pass catalog for PC next Thursday, December 3. Until now the title of id Software and Bethesda was available in the subscription game service exclusively for consoles, but this week PC players who are members of this platform will also be able to access the zero cost.

Along with this announcement, a new Master Level coming to DOOM Eternal today – this is a version of Super Gore Nest which adds an additional touch of challenge to the original level of the base game. This remix is now available in the game and in fact those who access it will get rewards: each time the challenge is completed, a cosmetic reward is obtained and one more step is taken to reach the highest prize, the skin The Gold Combat Shotgun.

Image of Super Gore Nest Master Level, the new mode of DOOM Eternal.

New Classic Mode: Play DOOM Eternal like it’s 1993

Super Gore Nest also brings with it a classic mode You have to challenge players to beat the level as if it were the 1993 game: players will start with just the combat shotgun, fight their way across the map, and retrieve each weapon and mod on site until the match is reached. maximum capacity of demon annihilation. Passing this challenge will unlock the Classic Green Slayer skin.

DOOM Eternal releases earlier this year in PS4, Xbox One and PC, while its version for Nintendo switch arrive next week, as announced yesterday. Also have an improved version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. In Vandal we played it at the time and in our review we said about it that “it’s hard to find a better way to make a first person shooter than what id Software has done with DOOM Eternal.”