PS5 : Doom Eternal continues on its way to Switch, but the physical version is canceled

Sony Playstation 5 :

Initially, Doom Eternal stops Nintendo switch it was going to be launched at the same time as the rest of the systems. As the general release date approached, it was notified that the edition of the hybrid console will be released later. Now, eight months after the game hit all other systems, Bethesda has confirmed that hell and demons from id Software are coming to Switch, but the editing in physical format falls by the wayside.

“Although Doom Eternal is 100% on its way to a imminent launch digital only On Nintendo Switch, the absence of a physical launch in stores resulted in canceled reservations “, a company representative tells NintendoLife.” Affected customers will receive a full refund and should contact their preferred store for more information. “From the company they assure what will they give more information about this version of the game to end of november.

Some players’ physical reservations were suddenly canceled

The statement comes after several North American players complained on forums and social media that their physical reservations of Doom Eternal for Switch were being canceled, leading some to believe that the project had been scrapped after delays. The Bethesda technical support replied to one of those players: “We have not made any announcement regarding the cancellation of Doom Eternal for Switch.”

The port takes care Panic button, who got the 2016 Doom on Switch and also responsible for the optimized version of Forza Horizon 4 for Xbox Series X / S. id Software recently released The Ancient Gods Part 1, an expansion to the Eternal campaign that can be played separately; a second part is also being prepared. It is not known if these contents will be included in the Switch version or if, as in the rest, they will be paid.

Doom Eternal is available in PS4, PC, Google Stadia and Xbox One. The version of this latest console is included in Xbox Game Pass from October 1 and arrive at PC later on an unspecified date. id Software works in a version optimized for Xbox Series X / S and PS5.