PS5 : Diablo 4: This is how your competitive multiplayer will work

Sony Playstation 5 :

The BlizzCon 2021 that is being celebrated this weekend is giving a lot of itself, especially to Diablo fans. Not in vain, the company is unveiling a multitude of new details about Diablo 4, the fourth installment in this popular saga of role-playing and action games.

Battling other players in Diablo 4

While we don’t have an approximate release date yet, we already have much clearer how to work your PvP (player versus player) when we are in open world areas. Being more specific, the study has commented that almost all areas of the game will be “safe” (if we do not count the enormous amount of monsters that will stalk us), so PvP is restricted to specific areas.

That is, as long as we stay out of those places, no one can attack us, but if we decide to enter them, we can be the potential target of any player we come across. These PvP zones will be known as Fields of Hate and they are much more than simple arenas with which to fight duels, because in them we will also find PvE activities, events and bosses which we can defeat by cooperating with other users.

In fact, carrying out activities in the Fields of Hate will reward us with some fragments that we will have to purify in order to be able to invest them in buying suits, weapons and mounts in a special vendor. However, when we do the purification ritual we will become the main objective of the area we are in, so we will have to survive by taking down other players until the rite is completed.

A long-awaited delivery with no confirmed date

Devil 4 will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, although, unfortunately, there is no confirmed date yet and we do not know when it will arrive in stores. Just yesterday it was confirmed that the fourth playable class in the game will be Rogue.