PS5 : Days Gone is due out on PC this spring; more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC

Sony Playstation 5 :

Jim Ryan is making a lot of headlines and news today thanks to an interview by GQ Magazine in which the CEO of PlayStation talks about the future of PS5, Sony’s next-generation console that debuted in Spain last November.

In addition to talking about the new virtual reality headset and other titles, such as the delay of Gran Turismo 7 to 2022, Jim Ryan has also confirmed that Sony has plans to adapt various exclusive games from PlayStation consoles to PC, starting with Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic sandbox starring the biker Deaon St. John that will hit our computers in a few months.

Specific Days Gone will debut on computers this spring, no date yet confirmed, and other PlayStation titles will follow which will also be adapted to the keyboard and mouse platform as previously “converted” by Horizon: Zero Dawn, which was released on PC in August last year. The open-world action game with zombies developed by Bend Studio was originally released for PS4 in April 2019, so hitting PC two years after its console release.

An opportunity to bring great games to a larger audience

GQ asks Ryan the reason why PlayStation has now decided to adapt some of its video games to PC when it is something that for a long time they decided not to. The PlayStation CEO comments that things have changed and that, particularly during the second part of the PS4 life cycle, studios began to make very good and accurate games. “There is a chance bring great games to a larger audience and benefit the development economy of games that is not always simple. The cost of making games increases with each cycle as the caliber of the IPs has improved. It has also increased the ease of making it available to those who do not have a console, so it is a fairly simple decision for us, “says Ryan.

The CEO also talks about how they evaluated the results of Horizon Zero Dawn in two ways, seeing how this release appealed to PC gamers and also checking that the PlayStation community hadn’t had a “massive backlash so we will continue to take steps in the same direction. “