PS5 : Carmack thinks Sony and Microsoft should sell PS5 and Xbox Series X / S without intermediaries

Sony Playstation 5 :

Since the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S in November of last year we saw how the lack of stock in practically all markets, including Spain, has provoked anger in the gaming community at the same time speculation with next-gen consoles has increased with inflated resale prices and proposed laws to help regulate this situation.

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software and current consultant at Oculus, is no stranger to this situation and wanted to share his perspective on what is happening, as well as a possible solution that will help solve all these problems in the future. Basically what proposes Carmack is that Sony and Microsoft stop working with intermediaries to sell themselves PS5 and Xbox Series X / S; He has explained this in a tweet on his personal Twitter account, a message that you can see inserted under these lines.

Without intermediaries, everything will be better, according to Carmack

As you can see, Carmack ensures that “Eliminating intermediaries should give better results for final consumers”. This is not the first time such a method has been considered; and Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, admitted that the current console reservation system is outdated and that perhaps in the future will evolve towards a personal prepayment method in which each user can buy a console from their account directly from Microsoft to have more control over all the management of acquisition, manufacture and shipment of the device.

For the moment, video game companies continue to sell their hardware through third parties who are the ones who have to restrict the massive purchase of consoles by speculators: A famous store in the Akihabara neighborhood of Japan had to ban the sale of PS5 for cash in order to have some control over who it sold the console to and avoid the chaos that occurred a few days before. The groups of speculators They have been running around since these new machines were launched and, although they claim to have an undeserved bad reputation, they also claim to have made good sums of money by reselling the consoles at a much higher price than usual.