PS5 : British PS5 buyers on Amazon get coffee makers or food instead of the console

Sony Playstation 5 :

Some British buyers of Playstation 5 Amazon UK and GAME UK (a company other than the Spanish of the same name) have received packages with different products to the console, in some case they have delivered empty boxes and the complaint is recurrent that the delivery man stopped near the destination of the package, but never got off the van; in social networks and forums it is speculated that they are stealing consoles for resale.

As VGC reports, the journalist Bex April May was one of the unfortunates who received, in this case, a air fryer instead of the PS5 that should arrive this Thursday, when the console is released in the United Kingdom, Spain and the rest of the European territory. However, before receiving the package the Amazon tracking marked it as missing at your home upon delivery, and the wrong product subsequently arrived.

To the journalist’s tweet several users respond with similar problems. One got a coffee pot, another a foot massager, a ResetEra forero cat food and some totally empty boxes. Another story that repeats itself over and over again is that of users who see in the Amazon application how the package is he approaches his destination and finally they pass by; some have seen delivery men standing inside their van without leaving before continuing on their way.

“Trace [el trayecto] from the driver and I saw that it was a couple of houses on the map, “writes a user on Reddit.” Then the van comes to my street and stops. Driver doesn’t get out, pauses for 10 seconds and leaves. The package [en la app de Amazon] says that it has been hand-delivered to the resident. “Other customers say they have had the same experience. Until 48 hours have passed they cannot request a return, but you must take into account the fact that PS5 is out of stock.

Dispute between brands for responsibility for errors

To the problem of Amazon must be added that of GAME UK. The chain of stores informed its customers that the YODEL messenger company take care of shipments, even those customers who had paid more money for a shipment from the DPD agency, which ensured same-day delivery.

From DualShockers, YODEL distributors report that, as in the previous case, they do not deliver the console despite passing near the customer’s home. GAME blamed YODEL: “This is due to capacity issues in their delivery network.” However, the courier company does not take the blame: “Yodel does not work directly with Game. Our client is GFS, a company that works in collaboration with GAME. We have been consistently clear on the amount of shipments we are able to deliver for them.”

The resale of PS5 consoles, due to the shortage (although in Spain they are expected more units next week), has reached prices of four figures in Spain and in the United Kingdom up to 9000 pounds are asked for the machine on websites such as Ebay.