PS5 : Bravely Default 2: Its designer explains why the characters are still ‘big heads’

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Although Bravely Default 2 will be released on a considerably more powerful console with a larger screen than the Nintendo 3DS where Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer were released, the art style of this Square Enix saga remains generally unaltered, maintaining the big head character design typical of classic JRPGs. The reason, according to the character designer Naoki Ikushima in an interview, is that by using disproportionate forms they can convey ideas about that character.

“I think one of the functions of these warped designs is that it is easy to use silhouettes. Unlike designs with real proportions, deformed designs offer relatively more freedom in terms of body shape design, allowing you to express something about a character thanks to its shape “, Ikushima explains when asked why they have kept this type of design, which exemplifies it with one of the characters, Vingitio, who thanks to his very tall and thin body is perceived as unique and suspicious for the player.

Bravely Default 2

This is not to say that they did not take advantage of the technical capabilities of the Switch in those designs. “I think the biggest difference [respecto a los juegos de 3DS] is that now you can see textures and details when you approach a character thanks to the increased resolution, “explains Ikushima.” As a designer it is something that makes me happy, of course, but also something that is a lot of work! “. Thanks to that he was able to add details such as the crystal embroidery on Gloria’s dress, and in a way that affects playability, the arrow marks on Dag’s Vanguard designs, “which seems to say: Apntame!”.

The designs of the work clothes are done at the same time

In Bravely Default 2 we can assign jobs or classes to each character, which causes change your outfit. Interestingly, these sets are not designed one at a time: “Instead, I design the characters that appear in each chapter all together from the sketching phase. “The goal is that look balanced in all the characters since those designs have to fit in the different members of the group. “Another point that I consider very carefully is if the design represents the characteristics of the job and the personality“.

Bravely default 2 seth dise

Seth is the character whose design is proudest Ikushima: “I tried to give him the perception of a protagonist new while keeping his dress simple. When I first taught the design to Mr. Takahashi [el productor], I was proud that he could say directly that this character was a sailor. “He also shows admiration for his work in creature design, where highlights goat inspired dragons Gwilym and Gwydion: “I hope one day there will be a stuffed animal of him!”, He says in reference to the little reptile.

In Vandal we have also had the opportunity to chat with producer Masashi Takahashi on his inspirations to create this series and the importance of the demo in the development of Bravely Default 2, which will arrive on Nintendo Switches around the world next 26 of February. You can read our latest impressions here.

We have conducted this interview by email thanks to an invitation from Nintendo Spain. The questions have been posed by Carlos Leiva.