PS5 : BlizzConline 2021: Follow here at 11:00 p.m. the opening with Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and more

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Update: These have been some of the most important news that the presentation has left us:

Original news

Blizzard had to cancel in 2020 the BlizzCon due to the happy coronavirus pandemic that is affecting Spain and the rest of the world since March of last year, causing numerous setbacks not only at the health or labor level, but also in the video game industry with long-awaited delays of titles or the cancellation of some of the biggest events in the industry.

Instead the American company has decided replace BlizzCon 2020 with BlizzConline 2021, a digital event that will take place throughout this weekend and in which we can get new information on long-awaited games such as Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and other surprises that Blizzard has up its sleeve.

The event start tonight from 23:00 Spanish time with the usual opening ceremony in which we can learn about everything Blizzard is preparing for the coming months related to its most important games. You can follow this inaugural event from this same news through the live signal that we leave you here below:

Also during the weekend all the information that was given to us in that opening ceremony will be expanded with panels and large conferences specific to each of the games so this is the most important event for all fans of Blizzard games.

The main leaks of BlizzConline 2021

The negative news for Blizzard is that it appears that some announcements of the event have already started to appear on the network because of the leaks that point to confirming the arrival of Burning Crusade to World of Warcraft Classic as well as the possible announcement of a Blizzard Arcade Collection.

Other rumors also point to a Diablo 2 remaster or remake to be announced during the inaugural event as well as a pet-focused World of Warcraft mobile video game. If you want to know if all this is confirmed … follow Blizzconline 2021 with us.