PS5 : BioWare explains the changes some bosses will receive in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Sony Playstation 5 :

Very soon we will have the opportunity to relive the acclaimed original Mass Effect trilogue on our current platforms thanks to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastering of Commander Shepard’s adventures that he will not be content only with improving his audiovisual section and will also make various playable tweaks at certain points.

Making bosses more fair and fun

In this way, from BioWare have confirmed that one of the aspects to which they have paid the most attention has been in the design of the heads, so you can expect various adjustments to them that promise to make these battles more entertaining and fun.

To exemplify all of this, Mac walters, its director, and Kevin Meek, its director of characters and environments, have commented on the changes that the confrontation against Benezia, Liara’s mother and one of the toughest battles in all of Mass Effect 1.

In combat of the original version we had to face countless Asari hordes while trying to defeat Benezia, who was evidently besieging us with his powers as well. One of the things that made this fight so tough was the fact that there were practically no covers and the few that we had at our disposal were not very useful, so we can’t really create any plan or strategy to overcome the duel.

Benezia, one of the bosses of Mass Effect 1 who gets redesigned

So, now the map of this battle will be the same, but somewhat larger and with more points to cover, which should make the confrontation a little more fair and tactical. Similarly, BioWare has reviewed which bosses have given players the most problems to increase the frequency with which the game auto-saves. According to both directors, what they seek with all this is not to make things easier for the players, but to make these battles more fun and fair.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition reach PC, PS4 and Xbox One coming May 14. If you want to know more about the game we encourage you to take a look at the impressions that we published on Vandal recently.