PS5 : Apex Legends – Season 8: Gameplay Trailer, Playable Updates, and More

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Apex legends have a new gameplay triler of the upcoming Season 8: Havoc. From Respawn and EA have prepared a video inspired by the 80s to advance with much chaos and bad milk all that the new season of the title offers at the playable level. And if that was not enough, Jon bailey He is in charge of giving voice to this peak video (many of you will know him as the voice that narrates the Honest Trailer).

Playable news for Apex Legends Season 8

As it was learned during the cinematic trailer a few days ago, it is officially confirmed that this season the Can de los Reyes map is going to suffer the damage of the presence of Fuse, the new playable legend. The Campen de Salvo is ready to fight old-school style and go outside the box. That is why every corner of the Wildlands has been blown up and we will have new areas and changes in familiar places.

The huge warship has been shot down On the way to the Apex Games, this ship has completely obliterated several areas of the map. expanded the playing field of this iconic map The Ecological Cleanup and Damage Scoping team (known as ECHO) has begun sanitation work, making the place already capable of hosting countless explosive duels. tent and observation towers ECHO also bring an unprecedented level of verticality to this iconic map.

From the official Respawn blog you can consult in depth all the playable changes that will be on the map, without a doubt one of the great incentives ahead of this new season. As we already know Fuse to be the leading legend, we have previously reviewed its details. Also arrive a new Battle Pass how could it be otherwise, loaded with up to 100 different rewards. Some of the highlights include the Legendary Skins of Evil To Tutanus for Lifeline and Radical Action from Bangalore, or the Legendary Reactive DMR X-1 skin for the Longbow sniper.

On the arsenal grounds, debut the 30-30 lever-action repeating rifle, which promises intense battles. In addition I also know will include gold chargers, which offer the same increased capacity as the purple ones, but with an autoloader function. Respawn has also added that the story will receive a new expansion. The New Season 8: Havoc arrive on Tuesday February 2 from 2021 to PC, PS4 and XOne.

Apex legends it’s a free to play Battle Royale available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Do not hesitate to visit our complete guide of tips and tricks or take a look at our review to learn more about it.