Updated on 07/27/2020 at 23:45

Experts do nothing but compare the power of consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X, especially about SSD memory performance. Keep in mind that the discussion revolves around processing speed and a considerable reduction in loading times. On the data sheet, Sony seems to be in the lead, although Xbox has a surprise that puts both systems on a par.

Matteo Marzorati, creative director and art director of Vesper, explained that the 5.5 GB per second of base read bandwidth of the PS5 does not mean that it is necessarily superior to 2.4 GB per second without compression of Xbox Series X.

“In the end, it all depends on the tools and how you can use that bandwidth. It also depends largely on the equipment. Both systems have a different architecture and a different approach, « he said.

“According to what we have experienced so far, they are very close at the moment. But the SSD will definitely help us in tasks like load times; not only when loading the game itself, but during the game. « 

The PS5 and Xbox Series X They will be released in late 2020. There is no exact launch date, nor is the official price known.

PS5 | Sony responds

Now things are clearer for those who await the arrival of PlayStation on the market. Sony testified about the alleged test stations of the PS5 that went viral on social networks. Just months after the launch of the new PlayStation on the market, the Japanese company continues with secrecy.

The rumors started in Twitter, where the user AllGamesDelta He shared the photograph of a test station installed in a UK retail store. The publication generated thousands of reactions among the community of PS5 and specialized media.

The portal IGN managed to contact Sony for more information on the blissful test station. The manufacturer of the PS5 denied that the modules are related to the launch of the console or an eventual presale.


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