PS5 and Series X | S debuted in Japan with lower sales compared to PS4 and One

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The PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S debuted across much of the world last week, with Japan being one of these regions. Now, as is customary every Thursday, Famitsu has revealed the number of consoles and physical games sold in this country. Thus, Sony’s new console managed to sell more than 100,000 units, while Microsoft’s platform barely exceeded 20,000 units.

To be exact, 118,085 PS5s were sold between November 12-15. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X moved 20,534 units between November 10 and 15. In comparison, the PS4 reached 322,083 users during its first two days in Japan, while the Xbox One sold 23,562 consoles between September 4-7, 2013. On the other hand, it is mentioned that 88% of PS5 sold, They correspond to the version with a disk drive.

While both consoles clearly underperformed compared to their predecessors, it’s also important to mention that things in 2013 were different. Similarly, the PS4 arrived in Japan a couple of months later than in the United States, thus ensuring enough units for this audience. On the other hand, it has been mentioned that both platforms were sold out immediately after the opening of pre-sales in this country and they continue to face shortage problems.

Regarding the software, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the best-selling PlayStation 5 game with 18,640 units sold, followed by Demon’s Souls with 18,607 units. As for Xbox Series X | S, most games are digital only in Japan, so Famitsu did not provide this data.

In related topics, they create PS5 simulator for those who do not have the console. Similarly, Sony does not see the storage of the console as a problem.


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