PS5 and DualSense are not spared from shocks in a video where a fridge is thrown at them, and they hold up well!

PlayStation 5 and DualSense also suffer from the youtuber who destroyed Xbox Series X.

Playstation 5

Last week, Sony entered the new generation by launching PlayStation 5 in countries like Mexico. Next Thursday November 19th will do it in the rest of the world, also in Spain, and many players are eager to have it at home. Unfortunately, many people have been left without their console and someone who does have it always appears to do something classic Internet that hurts a lot: destroy it.

We already told you that a YouTube user had mistreated his Xbox Series X to the point of hitting it non-stop. This man, who couldn’t get enough of that stupid action, has done the same with PlayStation 5. As on that occasion, we are going to try to get something positive of this nonsense, since at least we can see how much the console and the DualSense hold up.

First, the youtuber throws the DualSense against the ground with enough violence. The first blows resists very well, so we can at least know that if we drop it on any occasion we should not worry excessively. Obviously, after seven deliberate hits on the ground, the controller is completely shattered and rendered useless.

Then it is the turn of the PS5. At the beginning, because of the memes, the youtuber throws a router to the console, which is not damaged. You then repeatedly throw a cooler at it and the console loses its white covers, though it still works. In the end, he ends up completely destroying it, even burning it. PS5 is tough too, and in fact lasts an awful lot for the punishment he is suffering.

Anyway, we wait from 3D Games May your start of generation with PlayStation 5 be satisfactory and have many hours of fun with it. If you want to know more about her, you can recall our analysis. If you haven’t been able to get one, don’t worry, because PlayStation It has already announced that it is working on bringing stock to the stores before and after Christmas.

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