PS5 : An investigation reveals that the lifespan of the DualSense sticks would be 417 hours

Sony Playstation 5 :

The YouTube channel iFixit, specialized in the analysis and repair of various electronic devices, has conducted an investigation to find out why there are so many cases in which the DualSense, the new PlayStation 5 controller, is suffering from drift in its sticks, a problem that causes them not to return completely to their neutral position when we stop tilting them, thus causing a lot of discomfort during our game sessions.

The lifespan of the DualSense sticks according to their manufacturer

From iFixit have had access to an ALPS report, the manufacturer of the sticks, which reveals that the useful life of the sticks when tilted is expected to be 2,000,000 cycles and of 500,000 cycles when pressing them (that is, when we press R3 or L3).

According to the YouTube channel analysis, this would translate into 417 hours of gameplay with Call of Duty: Warzone, a figure that, obviously, can vary according to the games we play. Doing calculations, If a PS5 player plays for two hours every day for 7 months, it will exceed the lifespan that the manufacturer has calculated for the sticks.

In this way, The main cause of drift in many DualSense is the time of use that we give it, although there are also cases in which this ends up occurring for other reasons, such as the presence of dust.

Unfortunately, if our controller ends up suffering from this problem, we only have three options: try to repair it ourselves or by going to an expert, return it if it is still under warranty or end up buying a new one.

Drift problems on Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft controllers

There is currently an open lawsuit against Sony for this problem, although it is not the only company that has launched controllers with this type of problems, since something similar is happening with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and with the new Xbox controllers.