PS5 : A video shows the Nintendo of America offices in 1990

Sony Playstation 5 :

A video rescued by the youtuber btm0815ma has become popular in the last days for showing what Nintendo of America headquarters looked like in 1990, allowing you to view assembly, testing and engineering with the NES and more. The channel is dedicated to uploading old television recordings, such as The Huntley Brinkley Report from 1969 or an episode of CNN covering the 1991 Gulf War. In this case btm0815ma got 21 minutes of almost no-edit footage of Nintendo’s interior in Redmond, Washington.

In one of the moments, an engineer is interviewed about what it is like to work for Nintendo and specifically about the design of a device that does not require the use of hands, created at the request of the father of a girl who had suffered a car accident; This way, she could continue to play her collection of NES games. This special pad was never made publicly available but could be purchased by calling Nintendo customer support. In the final part we can see another of the tasks that were carried out in these offices, the games test, where the quality team tested some of the NES releases.

It is unknown what this recorded material was used for, if any part of it was broadcast, but it is a very interesting document due to the secrecy that usually accompanies Nintendo, and that the image quality is relatively good.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time beta found for Nintendo 64

This week we learned that video game conservatives found a beta version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that the community is shredding, leaving obvious differences with respect to the game that ended up arriving in stores, such as Areas that were never used in the final game, objects that had a different appearance or other use and discarded items.