PS5 : A streamer passes Hades using a grenade as a command

Sony Playstation 5 :

Anyone who has played Hades, the popular roguelike from Supergiant Games, will know that grenades are a fundamental part of the game: just like in real life, eating one of these fruits gives you a boost of energy that makes your blessings improve. Well then, a streamer has decided that it might be a good idea to try to finish this challenging game using a grenade instead of keyboard and mouse or a controller, like normal people. The worst: he has succeeded.

It’s about Dylan Beck, better known as Rudeism, a streamer known for carrying out challenges as original as this one or like playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order using a toy lightsaber. This time Rudeism has taken a grenade, has broken it into several pieces and has connected a few cables to turn it into a video game control device. Can you see the moment when you defeat the final boss under these lines, but beware, what is spoiler, so we recommend that you do not look at the video of the tweet if you have not reached the hades end.

Using a grenade to defeat the great Hades

To turn a grenade – or almost any other fruit – into a peripheral for playing Hades, Rudeism used Makey Makey, an educational tool that allows teaching in a didactic way the basic precepts of programming and technology., but that can also be used for more elaborate things like this. The streamer has published a video of the process on his YouTube channel – you can see it under these lines – and has followed up on all his 33 attempts before defeating the final boss of Hades.

Whether with a fruit cut into several pieces or with a more traditional device, Hades is a title that in Vandal we recommend playing; already in our analysis we said about him that “Supergiant Games has polished the formula, knows the strengths of a development of this type and the weaknesses of similar examples, so knows how to make the story aware of the playable loop, make the gameplay a refreshing experience with each game and not a mere rearrangement of rooms – it is accompanied by bomb-proof gameplay and charming looks. We could miss a greater variety of enemies or maps to rotate, but honestly, they are critical for looking for something wrong. Altogether hades is the best title of the study, which is not little, and a must buy for hackn slash fans. “