With Playstation 5 Still to be officially shown, Sony has made several announcements related to the new console in recent months. Many of them have had to do with its technical characteristics, being the spearhead custom SSD hard drives of the Japanese company. And is that as we told you yesterday, PS5 plans to end load times thanks to this SSD that doubles the potential of the Xbox Series X solid state drive.

Surely Sony has more aces up its sleeve for when it decides to present the full potential of PS5, and one of those aces could be related to the new patent registered by the Japanese company and published on May 22, 2020. The patent not only names Sony Interactive Entertainment as the applicant, also take note of the inventor, Albhy Galuten. The patent is called “Dynamic music creation in games“and, although at no time is it specified what system it can be implemented in, as it is focused on games, it is assumed that it will be for the PlayStation division.

PS5 Logo | Sony

The language used in the patent is somewhat technical, but basically describes a technology that is capable of dynamically creating or selecting music based on the player’s emotions. It is unclear if this music would play in a game, or on console menus. What is clear is that it could be linked to previous patents that the company has already filed, as a device that detects emotional state.

As you can imagine, that a company patents a technology does not mean that it will be used in the coming months. It does not even mean that it will be used at some point … Many companies patent technologies that are then kept in a drawer for decades, so you will have to wait to see what happens to it.