PS5 : A Kickstarter tries to bring Mortadelo and Filemón: Atomic Sulfate to Dreamcast

Sony Playstation 5 :

Erbe Software, the Spanish publisher based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter to publish Mortadelo and Filemn: El sulfate atmico for the defunct last SEGA console, Dreamcast. They ask for a minimum of 1200 euros to release a physical version of this graphic adventure, published in 1998 on computer and available on Steam since May 2019. The game is also being adapted for Android.

The Kickstarter campaign will be open until April 20, 2021 and it can be supported in different packages. Who give five euros or more will receive the game for Steam. Those who contribute 10 euros You will also get in the same PC digital store the games Mortadelo and Filemn: A film adventure – Special Edition, Mortadelo and Filemn: Operation Moscow and Mortadelo from Filemn: The Corvino gang.

To get the game for dreamcast in physical format (“CD or DVD edition”, they say from Erbe) it will be necessary to provide 35 euros; the package, which will be delivered in November 2021, also includes the four games for Steam. For 45 euros the patrons will also receive the comic, published in 1969, in physical format. Finally, the edition of 60 euros or more includes both figures of Mortadelo and Filemn.

Mortadelo Kickstarter Dreamcast

Atomic Sulfate is one of the comics of Francisco Ibez most revered in his series dedicated to TIA agents In the game the clumsy detectives “must rescue the atomic sulfate created by Professor Bacterio from the clutches of Bruteztrausen, general of an enemy state, “reads the synopsis.” This sulfate is a spray that increases the size of insects, making them measure meters! They will have to slyly enter the country to reach the government palace and take the sulfate. “

Drscula also launched on the Dreamcast thanks to Kickstarter

This is not the first time that Erbe Software has released a PC game on Dreamcast. The adaptation of Drscula: The Vampire Strikes Back was successfully funded on Kickstarter, but was delivered late. Therefore, in this case they have “set a much longer delivery date, in order to have much more room for maneuver in the face of unforeseen events (problems with suppliers, for example) that again avoid delays in the delivery of the rewards with respect to the expected date “.