PS5 : 10 questions and answers about Immortals Fenyx Rising: who is the hero, weapons he uses, gods in the game …

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Like for example, that the hero of the story in Fenyx, but they cannot talk about whether it is a God or not.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is the new ubisoft ip developed by Ubisoft Quebec, the same studio as the great Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It is an open world action and adventure game set in Greek mythology, which coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC next December 3.

Game Informer has interviewed Scott phillips, game director, in a video full of very quick questions and answers about the characteristics that it will have. We leave you 10 of them, some of the most enlightening, such as that Fenyx uses weapons of all kinds, swords, axes, bows, pikes, but they are weapons of the gods, that’s why he can’t answer if he is a god or not.

¿How many gods are in the game? “6, 7, 8”. ¿The gods are the villains of the game? “They are villains with a good heart, and good people with a bad heart; it’s a bit of everything.” In response to this question, he states that Typhon is the one we will have to defeat, but they’ll let the players decide who’s bad, well or a little of everything.

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¿There will be more references to other Ubisoft games in Immortals Fenyx Rising? “There may be for those who want to find.” ¿You can make everyone? “Everything you imagine you can do in the world, in the game we have imitated this.” ¿What will be the duration of Immortal Fenyx Rising? “From 20 to 30 hours, then 50 or more if you want to do it in full.”

¿Will have content after launch? “Absolutely, there are plans on DLCs and more for Season Pass buyers and non-buyers.” ¿Weapons break? “Those of enemies when you kill them, but not the weapons of players.” ¿Why is it called that? “Because it’s cool.” ¿Can you give me a title that hasn’t been used? “Gods & Monsters”.

Immortals Fenyx Rising will receive three DLC with new setting (China) and changes in the gameplay

¿Immortals is the start of a new franchise? “We hope so.” Phillips He comments that they did not consider other mythologies, he has not tired of the Greek one, he finds it very cool and there are several moments in the game that he especially likes.