Provita has planted trees to contribute to ecological restoration

In the context of the execution of the Conservation Program of the Margariteña Parakeet (Amazona barbadensis), carried out by the environmental NGO Provites On the island of Margarita for 31 years, about 8,000 trees have been planted as part of the project for the ecological restoration of forests and dry scrub on the Macanao peninsula. This is intended recover degraded areas as a consequence of mining exploitation.

Ecological restoration is one of the cornerstones of the parrot conservation program carried out by the NGO.

“Since 2006 we have been working on ecological restoration and reforestation initiatives. We have planted 7,982 trees with the purpose of improving the habitat of the parrot and the different animal species that coexist in the dry forest of the Macanao peninsula ”, explained José Manuel Briceño, Provita deputy director for Nueva Esparta.

The reforested area represents approximately 6.1 hectares. Of the almost 8,000 trees planted thanks to the ecological restoration project in Macanao, 3,036 trees corresponded to the year 2020.

This ecological restoration program promotes the planting of native trees in the sector (guatapanare, durote, tarantán, cuica, cuchibano, yaque and palo sana) in order to recover the ecosystem mainly affected by the non-metallic mining activity that takes place in Macanao.

For his part, Luis Guevara, a biologist and restoration analyst at Provita, pointed out that ecological restoration is a complex process, since it is not only planting trees, it is evaluating the climate and soil and defining the species to be restored.

The Macanao dry forest restoration plan was prepared by Dr. Laurie Fajardo, an associate researcher at Provita and the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC).

I work with the community

For the execution of the project, the environmental organization established a total of eight community forest nurseries which are located in Boca del Río, El Horcón and San Francisco de Macanao, areas adjacent to the Chacaracual Community Conservation Area and La Chica creek, which were defined to develop the restoration.

“With this we managed to involve the communities, generate a greater sense of belonging and conscience of conservation of the environment, at the same time that we guarantee healthy, strong and well cared for plants for when the time comes to take them to their habitat in degraded areas, not only for mining, but also for the extraction of wood, « said Guevara.

In 2020, those responsible for Provita adjusted the rhythm of activities due to the impact represented by the prevention measures due to covid-19 and the fuel limitations on the island of Margarita. However, following biosecurity protocols, the goal set was met and 3,036 trees were planted.

The representatives of Provita in the island entity called on the neo-Spartan community to join forces for the recovery of these vital spaces for the region.