Proud Mia Khalifa shows off new tattoo in several photos

Proud Mia Khalifa shows off new tattoo in several photos | Instagram

The model and ex actress Mia Khalifa, who is now a businesswoman and a supporter for protecting women’s rights, proudly boasted a new tattoo, which was precisely in honor of a woman.

From going to work for the adult entertainment industry to being a sports commentator, the beautiful Lebanese shared 3 hours ago precisely 3 photos on her Instagram account.

For her it was a great honor to carry this image representing Asia Ramazan Antar who was a member of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Unit, who lost her life at 19 years of age protecting and liberating an entire city.

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Mia khalifa She has several tattoos that for her are not only impressions on her beautiful body, but each one of them has an important meaning, for her they represent the force of change and hope as she herself mentions in her description.

The design is only with a few lines in black, the only color she is wearing is the lip line, the design is worn on her forearm very proudly.

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Not everything in the life of the beautiful celebrity is flirty photos, we also find her meaning in life, love and discipline, we could consider that Khalifa has become a role model today.

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