Proud Jennifer Aniston of her age and her love handles!

Proud Jennifer Aniston of her age and her love handles! (EFE)

Proud Jennifer Aniston of her age and her love handles! | .

Actress Jennifer Aniston leaves her fans amazed in each of her appearances and has come to be considered the “perfect woman” however she herself shows that she is not, and like anyone she has some flaws and without any shame she reveals them!

At 51 years old! Jennifer Aniston, She is capable of turning everyone upside down when she appears on a red carpet, even so she goes with the simplest outfit, the Californian monopolizes all the spotlights, men see her as the “perfect woman” and for many women a prototype of great beauty difficult to imitate.

However, a good attitude changes everything! The former actress of the series “Friends“, reveals that she is a woman of flesh and blood and as such also has imperfections. Without a doubt the cameras, makeup and all the clothes work miracles but for her part,” Jen “contributes to looking and feeling better. We reveal to you how she is who does it!

Jennifer has made it clear that the perfect body does not exist, not even in celebrities so she showed her “rolls“in the abdomen.

It was an exercise session where the famous woman wore a sports two-piece set which showed that like a normal woman, a little skin does not hurt anyone.

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On the other hand, the Hollywood actress tries to stay in shape and being the creative director of the Vital Proteins brand shows that exercise combined with a good dose of vitamins can make a difference.

Wrapped in black leggings and a white top, she showed that her personality stands out in any outfit but in this case it was to show her more natural and realistic side, she has a little skin that is left over and nothing happens, although in her case it is minimal, since the histrionic spends part of her time exercising to keep fit.

On this occasion, he tried to send a message to all his fans showing that these little imperfections also make you look even more beautiful and a bit more real, and you need not be afraid to show them!

For that and more I love her, she is a real woman, “Jennifer always inspires us and those rolls make her look beautiful”, “Perfection made woman”, “If Jennifer Aniston shows her rolls I will too”, and “Thank you Jenn for teach us that we should love ourselves as we are “, were some of the reactions in networks.

After opening her own channel the famous “Rachel“She made it clear that she is not afraid to reveal her more natural side and has even been seen performing everyday tasks, which somehow would bring her even closer to her followers.

Jennifer Aniston shows up in one of her exercise routines and shows that she doesn’t have a flat stomach. Instagram

The famous protagonist of “Living with my ex”, “A lying wife”, “A couple of three”, etc. has shared various facets, some of them:


The movie star, Jennifer Aniston, is also able to shine in the kitchen with some dishes, and she does it with everything and style as she demonstrated through a postcard she posted on her Instagram where she appears in a black dress, pantyhose and boots with enchiladas in hand.

Mask for a gala evening

Before the Emy ceremony, the histrionic showed her preparation routine before the grand gala, a comfortable pajamas, a facial mask to prepare the skin, her hair collected and relaxing for a few moments with a glass of wine in her hand.

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Your skin and hair free of products.

Aniston, also gives her hair a good rest and on some occasions she has shown herself with her hair freshly washed and collected without exposing it to the heat of the tools, in the same way her skin that she leaves without a trace of makeup showing that beauty natural is so powerful and you can look just as beautiful. Keep inspiring us Jenni!