protagonist of an Intel advertisement

That a MacBook Pro star in an Intel advertising publication made sense until a year ago, more specifically until last year’s WWDC, in which Apple announced that it was divorcing Intel to adopt Apple Silicon, its own ARM architecture-based ICs. An announcement that surely did not catch Intel by surprise, but that was one more blow to an Intel that will not remember 2020 as a good year.

Now with the company rebuilding and looking forward, all of his teams are working at full capacity and, with increasingly fierce competition, he has refocused on what he does best: technology. They are also very good, it is indisputable, in marketing and communication, a thousand years have passed and I still remember some memorable campaigns (the technicians with the protective suit dancing are a milestone). However, with the latest Core i7-1185G7 announcement, they’ve had a stumble that is sure to resonate for a while.

In the processor advertising we can see a person using a laptop, with the title The best processor in the world, accompanied by the subtitle In a thin and light laptop, and is completed with the indication Based on unique features and tests of the Intel Core processor i7-1185G7. For more information on performance and comparative results, visit All good except that, if you pay a little attention to the image, you will see that the computer shown is a MacBook Pro. And in case you’re wondering, no, no MacBook Pros have a Core i7-1185G7.

The error is more striking because, had it occurred with a laptop from any other manufacturer, there would always have been the question of whether a revision of it could equip it in the future. But, as we remembered at the beginning, Apple said goodbye to Intel about a year ago, and although there are still models of MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro, they will soon be disappearing from the catalog, as Apple completes its catalog of ARM chips.

Advertising photography can be purchased at Getty Images, the popular image bank, and this explains why part of the problem exists. For whatever reason, if you search these resource banks for an image of a person using a laptop, the vast majority of the results you will find are starring a MacBook Pro. For whatever reason, there is a huge preference for Apple laptops in this context.

So the person responsible for making this ad for the Core i7-1185G7 most likely did an extensive search and probably had to spend more time discarding images with a MacBook Pro as the protagonist than any other action. However, it is true that some supervision was lacking, leading to an advertisement in which we see a MacBook Pro with the text The best processor in the world and In a thin and light notebook. A slip that, without a doubt, will have been received with a gesture of surprise in Cupertino … or perhaps it is a hint from Intel to Apple? It would certainly be a very bold move, but terribly unlikely.