Prosecutor requests preventive detention against stepmother who beat a child to death in the Dominican Republic

Prosecutors requested preventive detention against Emilia Suárez, the woman accused in the Dominican Republic of beat his 12-year-old stepson to death, Levinson de la Rosa.

The National District Prosecutor’s Office reported that it submitted to the Permanent Attention Services Office of this jurisdiction the request for the suspect to remain in prison.

At the moment, the accused is detained in the New City Courthouse, pending the hearing of the coercion measure.

Prosecutors indicated that they requested the coercion measure, because the accused had knowledge of the crime she was committing, sanctioned by the Penal Code, as well as by Law 136-03. The Public Ministry also considered that the woman does not offer a guarantee to appear at the proceedings.

The evidence handled by the Department of Investigation of Crimes and Crimes against the Person, indicate that Suárez had beaten the minor for three days at his home in the Los Peralejos sector. When the minor stopped reacting, Suárez called his partner, the boy’s father, as well as the National System of Attention to Emergencies and Security 9-1-1. First aid personnel confirmed the death of the child.

Forensic authorities have not confirmed the cause of death, but the media reported that the minor had suffered a heart attack as a result of the beatings.

It was the mother of the victim, Mary Apolonia Mancebo de la Cruz, who denounced Suárez after being alerted by a neighbor.

Apparently, the woman had previously abused the child and even neighbors had alerted the authorities.

A neighbor, who witnessed the mistreatment to which the child was subjected, said that the victim was beaten with any object and without compassion, according to the Listín Diario report.

The suspect faces voluntary manslaughter charges.

The private wake to fire De la Rosa began this Friday. The reasons why the minor was living with the stepmother are not clear.

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