Proof of mobility between communities, when is it necessary and how to get it | Engine

If you have to move between autonomous communities in Spain during the month of April, you should bring proof of mobility. It will save you time and paperwork if the Civil Guard stops you.

Most of the autonomous communities maintain the perimeter closure at least until April 9. And it is likely to expand. Perhaps for professional, family or emergency reasons, you have to travel to another community. In that case it is advisable to carry a proof of mobility.

It must be clarified that, according to our colleague Noelia López in Auto Bild, the Ministry of Health indicates that it is not mandatory to carry this paper. That is, they will not give you a fine for not wearing it. But if you have it, you will speed up the procedures in the event that the Civil Guard or the police stop you.

The proof of mobility It is a paper where you indicate your data, the origin and destination, and the causes of the displacement, as well as some additional information to demonstrate that these causes are real.

When can the perimeter fence be broken?

The law allows several reasons:

Purchase of medicines, health products and other essential items Assistance to health centers, services and establishments Assistance to veterinary care centers for an emergency Fulfillment of work, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations Return to the usual place of residence after performing some of just causes Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people Due to force majeure or a situation of need Refueling at gas stations or service stations when necessary to carry out the activities planned at the points previous

If you meet one of those causes, it is worth preparing a proof of mobility. There are no official versions as such, so you have to create it yourself. Some autonomous communities have a model that you can download and adapt to your needs. For example, here you have the receipt for Navarra, Euskadi and Catalonia.

As seen in those links, they may exist different supporting documents depending on whether they are for night travel, professional or emergency travel, and travel between regions or communities. But all of them carry the same information, except for additional data such as the signature of a company representative if it is for work reasons, for example.

A supporting document must include the following information:

Name and surname of the people who move ID of the person responsible for the declaration Address (origin) Address of the destination of the trip Reason for the trip Contact telephone number

Then, depending on the type of location, it is convenient to include additional data:

Name and surname of the relative / relative (when it comes to the care of the elderly and / or dependents) ID of the person we visit (if it is a visit due to force majeure, or professional) Signature of a representative and stamp of the company, if it is a trip for work reasons

Why bring proof of mobility, if it is not mandatory? If you are stopped by the Civil Guard or the police, they will have all the data on a piece of paper and they will not ask you one by one, so you will not lose the 15 or 20 minutes it takes to write it.

In addition, with the receipt, it is normal for the authorities to be satisfied and not bother to check the data, calling the company or the recipient.

Of course, remember that the data must be true. If you fake them and they catch you, the fine varies between 600 and 3,000 euros …