promotions ended and these were the errors he left

After 12 days of promotions and discounts, the tenth edition of Buen Fin came to an end and with many expectations about the true impact that the promotional strategy had on its promise to reactivate the economy.

Faced with an atypical general scenario, much was said about the possibilities of success that this promotional strategy could achieve and the truth is that it is still difficult to define whether the economy was able to move as expected.

According to the estimates prior to this edition of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) of Mexico City, it was predicted that the tenth edition of Buen Fin indicated that the promotional effort would leave an economic spill of 23 thousand 097 million pesos, what would represent 3.7 percent less than what was obtained in the 2019 edition, despite the fact that its duration would have been extended to 10 days.

Even with this, for many brands it is a sales engine that in past editions has proven to exceed expectations.

The outlook is not wrong if we consider that, days before the 2019 edition of Buen Fin will be held, the forecasts indicated that sales would reach 118 billion pesos, which would represent 5 percent more than what was registered during 2018, according to the National Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Tourist Services (Concanaco). The truth is that after the end of the promotional end, these figures were exceeded.

With this prelude context, a few days ago, the estimates of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), already indicated that despite the confinement and mobility measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, Good End 2020 sales they would have already surpassed those of last year by 20 percent.

This apparent growth was accompanied by hundreds of complaints that, as you already know, is the great Achilles Heel of this discount season.

Profeco released the first figures related to complaints around the Good End where Walmart was indicated (which should be noted does not participate in the Good End but has its own discount strategy, the Irresistible End), Liverpool and Office Depot, are the companies that report the most complaints from consumers, where the frequent complaint is failure to comply with the advertised promotions.

The representative of Profeco assured that so far Profeco has given 1,400 consultations, agreed to 215 telephone conciliations with 75 complaints still in process and 49,000 inquiries on the Who’s Who in Good End Prices portal.

“The products with the most complaints are screens, clothes, shoes; the providers with the most complaints are: Walmart, with 98; Liverpool, with 29 and Office Depot, with 17; the states where the most complaints have been filed are: Mexico City, with seven; Jalisco, with four and Querétaro, with four ”, highlighted Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, for Milenio.

In the midst of these figures, during this edition of the Good End, hundreds of labeling and price errors were made known from social networks that led many brands to be in the eye of the hurricane, of which we have collected the most representative:

Sale of 2 thousand 340 bottles of whiskey

Although the discounts are intended to benefit the consumer, it is true that this benefit can never go against the business of the company, store or establishment.

An error of this nature called into question a Soriana store, which had to be forced to sell 2 thousand 340 bottles of whiskey to a customer who decided to take advantage of a promotion in which he forgot to put a limit on the number of products per buyer.

This was revealed from El Universal, a medium to which the head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield, indicated that this branch located in Soriana had to comply with the strange request of a client who, after seeing that said liquor had a promotion of three bottles for the price of two, he requested that all bottles of whiskey that the store had in stock be sold to him.

This resulted in a refusal by the Soriana branch to comply with the request, so Profeco had to intervene to finalize the sale, arguing that the brand was wrong by not placing a restriction on the number of units sold by each customer.

The situation ended in the sale of 2 thousand 340 bottles of whiskey that were sold under a promotion of three for the price of two.

Two labels: Inflated prices?

In the middle of the third day of this edition of the Good End, some Twitter accounts that have focused on highlighting “deceptive prices and promotions” around the event, have published an image showing two labels with different prices for a same product in a store in Chedraui.

The problem, which seems to have taken place in a town in Tabasco, materializes when one of these signs, identified as part of the store’s communication efforts related to the Good End, shows a price higher than what is apparently the usual cost of the product.

In this sense, some users have indicated that it is a clear test about the “bad practice” that many stores apparently put into practice this season of discounts.

No commas or periods

Liverpool stood out for the “incredible price” that, according to social networks, was published in one of its sponsored posts during the Good End.

In the aforementioned announcement, a Chicago Bulls jersey signed by Michael Jordan is promoted, which is offered, according to the witness shared on social networks for a price of “$ 281562.50 MXN”.

The truth is that this cost is an error, where a comma was omitted from the image. This is known because when looking for the same product from the Liverpool online store the correct price is $ 281,562.50.

Discounts that are not consumer discounts

El Buen Fin is a challenge for brands like El Palacio de Hierro because they have to carry out successful strategies, otherwise, they will lose to the consumer.

Two interesting cases have been registered in social networks, where a complaint has been made that products that were in the basket to be bought registered an increase in their prices after the activation of the Good End campaign and a second complaint, the consumer was he made fun of bags of more than 60 thousand pesos, which were apparently promoted by the store, in the middle of this interesting commercial event that is based on the low prices of its products to boost its sale.

From 20 thousand to 50 pesos

In the midst of this context, a promotion apparently signed by Office Depot becomes relevant, a brand that from its mobile application seems to have “lowered” a desktop computer that had an initial cost of 22 thousand pesos to only 50 pesos.

With a price advertised as “exclusive for the internet”, it has generated all kinds of doubts among consumers, who wonder if this price is a scam.

The truth is that in the midst of these comments there are some who ask for the link to take advantage of what is undoubtedly an error.