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Although the first trailer for The Batman arrived a few months ago, with Robert Pattinson as the new Dark Knight, fans were still waiting to see in detail what the suit that the actor will wear in full. Now, thanks to a new image from the film’s merchandising, the menacing figure of the new Bat Man has been revealed.

After several delays caused by the coronavirus, Warner is already beginning to promote the Batman movie. Although the specific details of the plot have been kept secret, director Matt Reeves has anticipated that the film will follow Bruce Wayne in his second year as a masked crusader, and will explore the corruption of Gotham and his connection with the family of the protagonist hero.

The aesthetic will also be much darker than the previous adaptations of the Dark Knight, as the previews already showed, and that of course includes the new Batsuit that Pattinson will wear, and that gives it a true nightmare look, as seen in the image shared by Reddit user TheLoganDickinson.

The photo in question corresponds to the cover of The Batman calendar, and shows the Dark Knight in all his splendor, yes, from the waist up. The design of the bat logo on his chest is the most remarkable detail, since it seems made with the parts of a gun, possibly the same one that killed new images of The Batman with Robert Pattinson, Riddler and Catwoman the parents of Bruce Wayne . In addition to logos and other images of the hero, there is also Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman and what could be Riddle, who will be the great villain of the film played by Paul Dano.

On the other hand, rumors also suggest that since Batman is still in his second year in the film, this Bat-suit will not be the only one to appear in the film, with Pattinson sporting a second outfit in the film’s third act. . And with Riddler as the main villain, things are not looking good for the newbie Justice of Gotham.

The Batman is scheduled to premiere on March 4, 2022

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