Promo for 21 × 07 of ‘Cuéntame’ with Mike declaring himself to Inés: “You are the most important person in my life”

‘Tell me how it happened’ continues with the broadcast of its twenty-first season in prime time on La 1. This Thursday, February 25, the Grupo Ganga and Televisión Española series reaches its seventh episode, a delivery full of secrets, confessions and feelings will be exposed. While the thriller starring Antonio (Imanol Arias) continues to generate tension with his debts and the kidnapping of Cata (Natalia Millán), the Alcántara’s problems do not end there.

« Why are we always attracted to what does not suit us? »Asks the voiceover of this promo of the episode while it shows intimate images of María Alcántara (Carmen Climent) and Álex (Pablo Álvarez). Merche (Ana Duato) begins to worry about her daughter and the bad company that the son of the stylist from San Genaro, Helena (Lola Baldrich) could be. But Mercedes’ biggest surprise comes when she discovers the photos that the young man has taken of his daughter almost naked.

On the other hand, Marta Altamira (Anna Allen) continues to show more and more interest in Toni (Pablo Rivero) and not only in the professional field. « A car, a woman. Final destination: a bed, » she affirmed before the oldest of the Alcantaras. Will their story end up repeating itself and will they fall into temptation?

As for Inés (Irene Visedo), she experiences a rapprochement with Mike (William Miller) after a chance meeting in a course. « Apart from my daughter, you are the most important person in my life », the British confesses to his old girlfriend. In addition, the character opens up to her and tells her that he is HIV positive.