Promo for 21 × 07 of ‘Cuéntame’: spicy photos and HIV as protagonists of the episode

The Ganga Group and RTVE present the first preview of the seventh chapter of the twenty-first season of ‘Cuéntame como pasa’. The next Thursday, February 25, 2021, La 1 de la Televisión Española will take up the story focusing on the figure of Merche (Ana Duato) and the various problems she will have to face.

First of all, you will discover that the romance between your daughter María Alcántara (Carmen Climent) and Álex (Pablo Álvarez) has crossed a dangerous line: Maria has taken some very sensual photosbut they have come into the hands of their mother. « Do you know what that boy was going to do with the photos?« , says Merche on . of a nervous breakdown. On the other hand, an enigma will occupy the attention in his work at Viajes Milano, since his colleagues give him a check for five hundred thousand pesetas. Is it a commission they give her, or will she have to pay it?

In the meantime, Toni (Pablo Rivero) warns that « there is a mole among us »; Cata (Natalia Millán) will get escape from her ex-husband (Francisco Reyes), who had her kidnapped. Finally, Inés Alcántara (Irene Visedo) will be forced to take HIV tests after learning from the hand of Mike (William Miller), known as Mr. Darling, that he is zero positive. What will your result be?