Promising Young Woman: Laverne Cox had male dubbing in international versions and Universal apologizes

The problems of representation continue in Hollywood and in its big studios, since recently the film Hermosa Venganza – 90%, debut feature by Emerald Fennell (The Crown – 100%) and nominated for five Oscars – film, director, original script, editing and actress – in its most recent edition, she was involved in controversy after it became known that men were dubbing Gail, played by the transsexual actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black – 97%, Dear White People – 100%), in international versions.

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After The Guardian revealed the above at the beginning of the week, Universal Pictures, the studio behind the film, had to apologize and ensure that they were already solving the situation (via NME). The film was due to open in Italy on May 13, however, the premiere was postponed after a clip of Una Donna Promettente, shared by Universal Pictures Italy, received strong criticism for dubbing Cox with a male voice.

The clip featured Gail, Cox’s character, talking to Cassie, played by Carey Mulligan (The Dig – 90%, The Suffragettes – 73%). Cox’s voice was dubbed by the male voice actor Roberto Pedicini, something that logically unleashed criticism and forced Universal to stop all international releases that were involved in something similar.

Previously, Cox had experienced something similar with his character of Sophia Burset in Orange Is The New Black, because in Italy it had been dubbed by the actor Andrea Lavagnino. In addition, The Guardian revealed that for the Spanish and German versions of Primising Young Woman cisgender men were also cast to voice Gail.

Therefore, a spokesman for Universal Pictures International told the media, through a statement, that they were very grateful to Laverne and the trans community for pointing out these types of errors.

We are deeply grateful to Laverne and the transgender community for opening our eyes to a bias that neither we nor many in our industry had recognized.

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Likewise, the spokesperson emphasized that they are already correcting these international versions and that they had to delay the premieres to ensure that Cox was dubbed by women, as it should have been from the beginning.

While there were no malicious intentions behind this bug, we are working diligently to fix it. We have begun re-doubling Ms. Cox’s voice with actresses in our international territories and are pushing back release dates to ensure the correct version is available.

Finally, the study regretted the situation and was grateful to be able to solve these types of problems from now on so as not to commit them in other projects.

We’re sorry for the pain, but we’re grateful to be able to address the situation in this film and prevent similar mistakes from being repeated in future projects.

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