The American multinational Microsoft launched on Tuesday its own video game platform in the cloud, Project xCloud, which offers more than 150 games for 14 dollars and 99 cents a month without having to buy a physical Xbox game console.

The cloud platform can be accessed from tablets and cell phones with Android operating system (Apple’s iOS support is expected to come later).

Microsoft’s commitment to video games in the cloud includes titles such as “Destiny 2”, “Gears of War 5”, “Grounded”, “Halo 5” and “Minecraft Dungeons”, and is available in 22 countries, including Spain, United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada and Portugal.

In the style of Google’s Stadia, xCloud allows you to play without having a specific physical device (a video game console), with the aim of creating a sort of “Netflix of video games” that Internet users can access from anywhere and as long as pay a subscription.

The Redmond company (Washington state, USA) is thus entering a field in which Google is reaping worse results than expected, after bringing Stadia to the market last year, in the midst of a great media hype and with promises to revolutionize one sector, video games, which is estimated to move $ 136 billion annually.

In order to play any of the games in the Stadia catalog, you need a television with a Chromecast Ultra or a smart device (Pixel cell phone, computer or tablet), and be subscribed to their service (nine dollars and 99 cents per month).

The firm led by Satya Nadella presented its latest video game novelty on Tuesday after publicly admitting on Sunday that one of its future bets, the alliance with China’s ByteDance to manage the business of the social network TikTok in the USA, had not given fruits.

Microsoft admitted defeat and the deal went to its rival in the software industry, Oracle, which in the absence of government approval will become ByteDance’s trusted technology partner in the US.

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