Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY is Square Enix’s new tactical RPG

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The legacy of Final Fantasy Tactics is indisputable and for years fans of its tactical RPG proposal have waited for some delivery or perhaps something similar that quenches their thirst. What would you think if the essence of that franchise came together with an art style like Octopath Traveler in an original story? Well, it’s time to raise the hype as Square Enix introduced Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY, its new tactical RPG.

As part of Nintendo Direct, Square Enix surprised fans of tactical RPGs with the presentation of Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY, a title that is in development and will debut sometime in 2022. The reveal showed some of the elements of its history, the which will take place in an event known as the War of Salt and Steel, very valuable inputs for the world in which the title takes place.

As a tactical RPG, Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY will offer action in scenarios with different levels and combination possibilities both on offense and defense, in addition to there will be coordinated attacks that can be devastating.

However, the most interesting part of Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY has to do with the development of its history and is that the strategy will also take place at every moment since the decision making will affect everything, from the alliance systems, to the response of the different groups, factions and other characters that will be found along the way, so that each act will have consequences.

Although Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY is still in development, it is possible to test its bases thanks to the fact that as of this moment, the demo is already available in the Switch eShop.

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