Project EVE and its action can be seen in a new gameplay; could come to Xbox Series X and S and PS5

The Shift Up study has taught more about the battle system.

It is a reality that the Asian market outside of Japan is breaking in with greater force in the world of video games. Hits like Genshin Impact, from the Chinese studio myHoYo, or the tremendous anticipation Black Myth: Wukong (from another Chinese studio, Game science), show that other Asian countries are going to give us many joys in the next years.

In April 2019, the South Korean study Shift Up announced the existence of Project EVE showing a first trailer. Now, the creators have brought to light a new gameplay in which we see the protagonist fight against a huge monster. We can see how the game boasts tremendous action, animations very fluid and achieved, and a gameplay full of combos.

Project EVE

The title seems to be set in a dystopian future and we can also see that there are three bars for the protagonist and two for the monster. One is life, but the rest may have to do with resistance, shields or a system similar to Sekiro’s postures, although none of this is confirmed. What we can see is that in the lower right it indicates the number of heals remaining.

It seems that the title also has a system of locks or parrys, in addition to being able to slow down time. Finally, it is important to comment, as Dualshockers collects, that Shift Up has changed the systems in which the game will be launched and now it affects “the game is developed” to show the maximum performance on various platforms, including consoles‘”Being a multiplatform release, and no longer specifying PS4 and Xbox One, the game points to an outing on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, although we expect news in the coming months.

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