Program Today, Raúl Araiza is absent, goodbye forever?

Program Today, Raúl Araiza is absent, goodbye forever? | Instagram

The faithful viewers of the Hoy Program are very puzzled, this after it transpired that Raul Araiza The famous morning star of Televisa will be absent. Much was said about the fact that Negrito’s new projects would not get him out of Hoy; however, apparently this is not entirely true.

The followers of Raúl Araiza Herrera they are very certain after it was revealed that El Negrito will be out of the program produced by Andrea Rodríguez Doria; However, and for everyone’s peace of mind, it will be only two days that Norma Herrera’s son will be absent from the program he shares with Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo, Jorge Van Rankin, Arath de la Torre, Paul Stanley and more.

It was revealed a few months ago that the actor would also join the cast of The soulless, a telenovela starring Livia Brito, something that raised rumors about her departure from the Hoy Program, since when revealing the news, Alex Kaffie assured that Araiza would have one of the main characters, so the telenovela would require a lot of time from the protagonist of Amor Mío .

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Subsequently, the driver of the Today Program He revealed in the middle of the broadcast that he had good news, since they had found a way to bring the telenovela along with Hoy and that it would be at the end of the television program that he would go to record the soap opera.

Apparently, the plans changed and La Desalmada will occupy more time and effort from Armando Araiza’s brother than expected and it has been announced that Raúl Araiza will be absent from the direct competition of Venga La Alegría on Thursdays and Fridays, in order to fulfill your other work commitment.

So far no names have been released on who would be the replacement in these days of Negro Araiza, but the beloved television presenter has given something to talk about but for another reason.

One of the topics that has been discussed a lot in the media in recent weeks has been the end of the relationship between Araiza and her psychologist Maria Amelia Aguilar. As revealed by the famous, the separation occurred when they were better as a couple and there is a lot of love and others.

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Raúl Araiza shared that María Amelia requires attention, love, time, something that she could give her during the pandemic; However, now the situation is different and its various projects; including Members On Air, they suck you up quite a bit of time and that’s what you can’t give your ex.

The Televisa star spoke with the psychologist about the situation and they agreed that it was best to end the relationship; but there are those who assure that María Amelia assures that Araiza will return to ask her to return and that their separation is not final.

Before the end of their relationship was announced, there had already been speculation about a separation; this due to the absence of three days of Raúl in the Hoy Program. On the fourth day, the communicator was reestablished in his work; however, he was treated by Televisa’s medical services and returned home.

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While a relapse into excesses was speculated, others claimed that his bad mood was due to the fact that he had broken up with his partner; then Raúl clarified that everything was due to gastroenteritis and that everything was solved with the care of his diet.

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The truth is that in recent months, the dear Negrito has become a constant protagonist of the show notes, he assures that he takes it in the best way and that the publicity is always good. Congratulations!.