Program Competition Today runs out of 5 drivers

Program Competition Today runs out of 5 drivers | Instagram

Without drivers! It seems that Venga La Alegría would not be having a good time this after the audience of the competition of the Today Program You will notice that it seems to be running out of drivers. Could it be that the TV Azteca morning has come to an end?

Despite what you might think and at the time when the television program claims to have more audience than Hoy, VLA it seems to be in decline due to the absence of many of its titular drivers. Anette Cuburu, Kristal Silva, Tábata Jalil, Horacio Villalobos and Brandon Peniche have been absent from the morning broadcast.

As revealed, none of these television presenters have been fired; However, due to issues related to work and even health, these dear drivers have had to leave the forum.

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Kristal Silva has not been seen in Come the joy On the occasion of a new project, she is one of the 24 participants of Survivor México, a situation that has absorbed her a lot of time and keeps her away from the program. On the other hand, Anette Cuburu is the one who is enjoying her absence the most, since the famous host is on vacation after a heavy day as part of the morning star of TV Azteca and Al Extremo.

The one who gets the worst part is the beloved Tábata Jalil, who temporarily left the VLA because of having tested positive for Covid-19, apparently the young woman has not fully recovered and is facing the aftermath of this disease.

But also the men have been forced to move away from the magazine program and both Brandon Peniche and Horacio Villalobos have been conspicuous by their absence. It is said that both actors also moved away from these forums to carry out film projects, each on their own, so it will be in a matter of weeks that the conductors would rejoin in the morning.

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At the moment, they are in charge of Venga La Alegría Laura G, Cynthia Rodríguez, Flor Rubio, Pato Borghetti, Sergio Sepúlveda, Ricardo Casares and “Capi Pérez, who have made sure that the audience misses their teammates as little as possible and everything indicates that they are doing very well.

Days ago, many were surprised by a publication that the morning made on their social networks in which they presumed to have exceeded the audience of the Hoy Program by 9% and of Cuentamelo Ya! by more than 50%. This publication became national news since for years the Hoy program was ranked as the favorite of Mexicans.

Despite the surprise, many saw it coming, since since the unexpected departure of the beloved Magda Rodríguez it was said that the audience of Today was in decline and that his sister, Andrea Rodríguez was desperately seeking strategies to return to the glory days of Televisa’s morning.

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Mhoni Vidente spoke about this situation and assured that in the Hoy Program there is a lot of darkness, so for things to change it is necessary to clean up. The Cuban also shared having dreamed of Magda Rodríguez, who told her that her daughter would soon be a mother and to alert the production of the program that something bad would happen.

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The seer took the opportunity to share that Magda has not left at all and does not rest, so she asked her loved ones to perform masses and others for the rest of the beloved and successful producer mother of Andrea Escalona.