professions needed in the pandemic

Medical personnel have been one of the most important sectors during the pandemic.

There is no object more benefited by the pandemic than masks or face masks.

Medical tests to detect the coronavirus had to be implemented in hospitals and other places.

Digital professions took on a new relevance thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the quarantine had a negative impact in several areas, others managed to benefit, as now more than ever it became necessary to move business to social media and websites. Many of the most demanded positions today have to do with the development of these technologies, such as software engineers, who already had great relevance in recent years, but thanks to the current crisis, they managed to grow much more. The new needs of society require new solutions and in addition to the aforementioned, there are professions that previously did not even exist or were not considered so important. Here are some of the new jobs from the post-COVID era.

The recovery of jobs in Mexico has been slow but steady. The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) estimates that about 1,117,584 formal workers were laid off between March and July. However, last October closed with good numbers regarding formal employment in Mexico. This would be the third consecutive month with positive figures, according to the institute. The IMSS registered 200 thousand 641 new jobs, which means the highest figure in this area over any other month of previous October, being 25% higher than that of 2019 in the same period. 44.3% of these vacancies were for temporary jobs, that is, 88 thousand 809, being 111 thousand 832 permanent ones. This figure is the highest number of temporary jobs that has been registered since October 2009, the year in which they represented 57%.

Mask producers

There is no object more benefited by the pandemic than masks or mask. Although they were already something that existed, they were normally used in very specific situations or, mainly, in medical personnel. After the pandemic, however, it is necessary and mandatory to carry them, which has unleashed mass production as never seen before.

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Test makers

The coronavirus It is a disease that already existed in the world, in different variants. COVID-19, however, arrived as a type that was previously completely unknown. Medical tests to detect this disease are something that had to be implemented both in hospitals and in some offices and companies to guarantee health.

Protection screens

After masks, one of the most used protection tools against COVID-19 are protective screens. These impose a plastic barrier between people to prevent the spread of the disease. Its installation is very necessary in various businesses, offices and any other place where there is a face-to-face interaction.

Special caregivers

Medical personnel have been one of the most important sectors during the pandemic and being COVID-19 a so serious and delicate disease, very special care is required. People dedicated to it, both in hospitals and at home, are one of the most essential professions in the world today.

Disinfection services

Another of the most important parameters to prevent the spread of the virus is cleaning. Washing your hands is only the first part of these protocols, as one more professional disinfection It is necessary both in large places and in homes and there are already several companies dedicated to it.